Usually, we determine how long our relationships have lasted based on the number of years spent.  Well, here is a unique metric. If you and your partner do any of the soon-to-be-enlisted activities then you both have been together for a while. 

Fart Freely

If you fart freely before your partner then your relationship is really old. It takes a while and a lot of closeness to comfortably fart in front of your love interest.

At the start of a relationship, it is very embarrassing to fart in the presence of your partner. So, if you are presently doing that freely, your relationship is certainly old.

Use the Restroom Together 

In using the restroom, I am not referring to just showering together. Showering together is a romantic activity that is perfect for a new relationship. However, I am referring to being comfortable defecating side-by-side, or brushing your teeth while your partner defecates next to you.


In a new relationship, you certainly won’t want your boo next to you as you defecate. You can’t risk him/her getting disgusted by the smell it might ooze. So if you are doing this with your partner, your relationship must have crossed seven seas and oceans.

Sleep Together Without Finding it Romantic

At the early stage of a relationship sleeping next to each other is very romantic. Cuddling occurs when you both lie next to one another. The phrase “Keep your hands to yourself” does not apply to a new relationship as both parties are touchy-touchy.

Lol… If you currently lie with your partner without finding it romantic, your relationship is old. At this stage, rather than saying; “Baby, cuddle me tightly” You are more likely to say “Babe you are breathing on my face. Please let’s face the opposite directions.”

Getting Influenced

After being together for a while, we get influenced by our partners. For instance, if you are not the cussing type but you are with someone that often cusses, soon you will pick up cuss words. 

Therefore, if your partner has influenced you then your relationship is old. Congrats for lasting this far!

Have Shows You Watch Together

This particular one hits differently. I know someone who gets called every 9 pm by her partner each time she comes visiting. This is because their favourite T.V show airs every 8 pm, so he calls by 9 pm for them to discuss all that happened on the show. Aww…how sweet! It gives me goosebumps every time. 

If you and your partner have T.V shows you follow up together, it is a sign you have been together for quite a while. 

Final Thoughts

How many of these signs does your relationship have? If you and your partner do all the above, give your other half a fist-bump. You both have truly come a long way. In a world of short-lived toxic relationships, you made it this far. Congrats!

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