Your Thoughts and You.

It is rightly said that we spend most of our time in our head, and therefore should make it beautiful. So I asked myself HOW can this be achieved? Would this be attained by wearing expensive wigs, styled with beautiful flowers? Can this be achieved via washing my head daily? Or will a nice haircut from a skilled barber do the trick? Well, it turned out the above-mentioned were worthless in my quest to ensure the time I spent in my head was beautiful. 

Then it occurred to me, that it was what is “IN” my head that brings this ecstasy, and not what is “ON” it. So I said to myself, what exactly is in my head that makes the time spent in it beautiful? Was it my brain and other parts? Of course, all those are vital. However, just as icing gives a cake its beauty, so does the quality of our THOUGHTS makes the time we spend in our heads a beauty. Your Thoughts determine if the time you spend in your head is beautiful or awful. 

René Descartes coined the famous dictum, “Cogito, ergo sum.” Which translates to “I think, therefore I am.” The major difference between us humans and animals is our rationality. As humans, we are thinking beings and our thoughts can either make or break us. Even the scriptures in the Book of Proverbs, chapter 23, verse 7, affirms that; “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Little wonder Plato stated that  “A developed mind begets a developed society.” 

Frankly, one of the factors that have led to a decline and slow development of the African community is our Thoughts. Especially that of our political leaders. Honestly, if we change our thoughts, our lives will certainly change.

Nothing will influence or shape the outcome of your existence than your thoughts. So What sort of thoughts do you wallow in? Are your thoughts centered on idle things or are they enriched with purpose? Now, take a deep breath and reflect on the thoughts you were consumed with recently.

  1. Were they productive?
  2. Were they idle?
  3. Did they make you feel good about yourself?
  4. Were they vile and laced with bad thoughts towards others?
  5. If your recent thoughts are displayed on a screen for all to see, will you be comfortable with it?

The above are rhetorical questions. I want you to ponder on these questions, especially the fifth question. If your sincere answer to that question is a “NO” then there is a need to purge your thoughts. What does purging your thought entails?

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To purge entails to clean thoroughly, and this is imperative as regards our thoughts. We live in a world that is treading on a dangerous wave. Various unethical ideologies and vile concepts are spread widely on social media and via various means of entertainment.

Fraud and other illegal or unethical activities are on a rise. People who earn from these activities flaunt their ill-gotten wealth on social media. Thereby, making you feel like your hard work isn’t paying or you are not working hard enough. 

Drug abuse is now presented as cool in song lyrics and music videos. Nudity is the new aesthetic, and if you say anything bad about it, you are told not to judge, and respect whatever anyone does with their body. It is now a sign of confidence. Porn is now branded as an educational and lucrative platform widely viewed.

The concept of family is slowly becoming a tale of the old as baby mama and baby daddy is the new cool. People now aim at getting pregnant for rich and famous people to “secure the bag” (money). So the gift of motherhood is now weaponized as a means of making money. Misogyny and misandry are on a rise, as vile ideologies such as Men are Scum, and Fear Women are steady on the trend list. There is a perceived gender war slowly on a rise, in a world already filled with division and hate.

All these and so much more adversely affect our thoughts and therefore there is a need to constantly purge our thoughts. 

How Can We Purge Our Thoughts

  • Our thoughts can be purged by avoiding articles and books with ideas that are contrary to what we believe. 
  • Avoid going through hashtags aimed at promoting unethical ideas.
  • Be mindful of the sites you visit and the people you follow on social media. Mute and block people with content you find disturbing. Out of sight, is out of mind.
  • Follow responsible individuals on social media. People with vision and purpose.
  • Do not take to heart all you see on social media. Appearance is not reality.
  • Spend more time on activities that are relevant to your growth and development.
  • Be mindful of the company you keep and the places you visit. Choose your circle wisely, don’t let your circle choose you.

Final Thoughts.

In this voyage called life, there are infinite issues to mull over daily. So we often get lost in a web of thoughts, and like nomads wander in our thoughts both far and near. These thoughts manifest in our actions, so purge your thoughts from negativity.

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