Question: What can you bet on with absolute certainty you won’t lose? 

I can gamble with all I own that If you take a stroll to any fancy restaurant, an eatery, a furnished park or even the usually crowded roadside bars, you will certainly meet people on a date. 

Question: What can’t you bet on?

Unfortunately, I can’t gamble that everyone on a first date is asking the right questions. This is a tragic reality because not asking the right questions often leads to hopping on a relationship that should have been avoided. Remember, a stitch on time saves nine.


Humans and Dates

Dates between two individuals hoping to know themselves better and spark a romantic relationship occur regularly. Frankly, dates have existed throughout the various epochs. I dare say it would be right to describe it as an intrinsic part of human society. 

LOL, our forefathers had their dates under the cover of trees. Today, we have ours at fancy or affordable places. Though the settings for dates have evolved the essence of a first time date remains static. 

At this junction, cross-examine why you embark on first-time dates. 

Honestly, why do you go on dates? Is it to savour tasty meals and cuisine you ordinarily cannot afford? To visit the latest cozy spots and take fancy shots? Or just so you can have a reason to dress up like a hottie or a top guy. 

Well, news flash,  If in 2022, you are going on dates just for the free food and drinks, you need to get busy.

Why You Should Attend Dates

Dates are an avenue to unwind, and better know each other. Amidst the subtle compliments, fine table manners ensure you are asking the right questions.

If you leave a date without knowing the other person better, the date didn’t yield the right result.

Here are five crucial questions to be asked on a first date 

First Date Questions

What is your genotype?

Before you commence deep feelings and spark something deep, discuss your genotype. If your genotype is a misfit you move on swiftly.

Remember, the core component of a first date is asking and answering important questions, and what is more important than your genotype? You don’t want to invest years into a relationship only to find out your genotype isn’t a fit. Thrash that big issue sincerely on your first date. 

What are Your Current Goals?

A person’s goals show where they are heading in life. Before getting all in love with a person, ask for their goals. Discuss how they aim to attain those goals.

Knowing where they are heading will help you know if they are worth riding with. Don’t get smitten by their looks and forget their goals and aspirations.

Are You Open to a Relationship?

If your goal is to establish a relationship it is necessary to know if that window of opportunity is available. Avoiding being shoved into the friend’s zone is important. Therefore, ensure you ask your date if they are open to starting something real. 

Knowing their stance on starting a new relationship is important. This information can prompt your next line of action.

How Much of a Social Media Person are You?

Dating a social media freak will put your relationship out there for the world to see. Discuss just how engrossed your date is on social media. Knowing this will determine if you will be comfortable with such a person.

Trust me, take your partners on some trendy topic on social media and get their intake. 

Ask About Their Views?

Don’t forget to have a discourse about their views and beliefs. Knowing a person entails knowing their worldview and thought process. Ensure you grasp how their mind works before the end of the date. 


Having a swell time and matching energy during a date is great. However, beyond that, asking the questions and making informed decisions is greater.

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